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Michigan Fifth Grade Online Curriculum

As Michigan Connections Academy (MICA) fifth grade students progress toward completing their elementary school education, it remains important for them to continue mastering a diverse range of subjects. Our programs help them learn core subjects, develop critical-thinking skills, and learn how to analyze issues in the world around them.

In our online school fifth grade classes, students refine their mastery of the English language through close study of grammar and sentence structure. They also study physical science, math operations, life science, and social studies coursework focused on U.S. history. At our virtual school, we give students the opportunity to learn principles of design and technology to further enhance their understanding of the world around them.

Our courses offer in-depth interactive learning for each student. Check out Michigan Connections Academy’s course descriptions and classes to learn more about why this is an excellent option for fifth grade students looking for an alternative to traditional homeschooling or schooling through private or traditional public schools. We only hire state-certified teachers and ensure all curriculum is set to standards established by the state. The personalized learning and support we offer at all grade levels makes our virtual school program responsive to the needs of each individual student. View some of our sample lessons to get a peek at our fifth grade online school curriculum structure and discover how we can help your student excel.

Some textbooks are available in online format only.

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