Image of Mr. Sabo

Justin Sabo

Middle School Science Teacher

Teaching License, Eastern Michigan University; Master’s Degree, Baker College 

Justin Sabo began teaching in 2011 and joined Lighthouse Connections Academy in 2020, where he teaches science to students in middle school.

Why I Became a Teacher

Teaching wasn’t my initial choice. It wasn’t until I got into the classroom that I found a calling. I began to develop relationships with students and discovered that tailoring lessons to the interests of the students is a great way for them to learn. It was something I was missing in my own schooling.

The most rewarding part of teaching is when you have a student re-teach you something you taught them. Seeing a student overcome something difficult on their own is also very rewarding.

The Online School Experience at Lighthouse Connections Academy

To foster student engagement, I encourage them to communicate in the chat pod after our on-camera LiveLesson® sessions. This allows students to interact with each other from all across the state. My favorite classroom activity is playing games or having students interact with a virtual lab. This allows them to engage with what they’re learning and helps them see how their life relates to the material being taught.

Message for Prospective Families Choosing Online School

The environment of Lighthouse Connections Academy removes so many of the distractions and pressures many students experience at brick-and-mortar schools. Our students get one-on-one instruction, and the staff is always looking out for their best interest.

An education here gives students an opportunity to learn the same educational content, with the same standards, all public-school students learn — but from the comfort of their own home.

“Parents thinking of enrolling their student here should know that this school is conducive to family life.”

— Mr. Sabo