Image of Jamie Sheldon

Jamie Sheldon

Middle School Principal

Bachelor’s Degree, Elementary Education, Central Michigan University; Master’s Degree, Early Childhood Education, University of Michigan; K–12 Administrator Certificate Program, Eastern Michigan University  

Mr. Sheldon began his teaching career with the Head Start program, then went on to teach and lead at various schools in Michigan. He has been an accomplished educator for more than 18 years.

“Growing up in a rural area in western Michigan, I developed a zest for exploration and using my curiosity to build things. I continued to use these skills throughout my early school years. This love for learning continued through middle school and high school and played a major role in my decision to become an educator.  

I quickly realized the impact teachers have on the students and families we serve on a daily basis. I also realized how my love for learning could foster that in my students. As both a dean of instruction and principal, I found the importance my roles played in continuing to make a positive difference in the lives of students. As an administrator, I truly enjoyed the role I played in coaching and supporting teachers, recognizing students and teachers for their efforts and achievements, and serving as the leader of the school community.    

It is my vision that all students develop and continue their love of learning while using this knowledge to begin developing career path interests as they transition from middle school to high school.”   

I believe all students should receive a high-quality and rigorous educational experience to help them achieve their greatest potential.

— Mr. Sheldon