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Allison Borson

Middle School Teacher

BA, History and Secondary Education, Western Michigan University; Social Studies Certification, University of Michigan-Dearborn


Allison Borson is a social studies teacher at Lighthouse Connections Academy. She joined the school in 2018 and has been teaching since 2016. Ms. Borson earned a bachelor’s degree in history and secondary education from Western Michigan University and earned her social studies certification from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She shares her story below:

“When I was in high school, I was a student helper in a kindergarten classroom at my synagogue’s Sunday school, but learned that I prefer working with older students. When I started in the history program at Western Michigan University, I wanted to be able to teach people about history and make it fun—that’s still my main goal! I had originally chosen to do public history, such as museum work, but then I switched to teaching.

If there was one thing I could tell a prospective parent as they are making the decision to enroll in this school, it would be to be prepared. Your kids are going to be working hard, just like in a traditional school, maybe even more! Be ready to be more involved in your child’s education than you ever have before.

— Ms. Borson

A lot of why I want to make history fun is because of my sophomore-year social studies teacher and my senior-year math teacher from high school. Both had a huge impact on my life. (So, shout-out to Mr. Watson and Mrs. Shallal!) I love teaching at Lighthouse Connections Academy because I get to know my students even better than I did in a regular classroom. We have a lot of fun here! We have a very tight-knit community and are growing exponentially every semester. The flexibility in online school versus brick-and-mortar school is a huge factor for me, along with being able to reach students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to be in school due to various factors.

Lighthouse Connections Academy helps prepare students for a bright and successful future because technology is a driving force—and being able to use and engage with it is going to make a big difference in their ability to be successful in the future. Our school community is special since we are all so invested in our students, and we’re able to bring students together from all over the state. Kids interact with many different people that they’d otherwise never get the chance to meet!”

In her spare time, Ms. Borson has recently gotten back into figure skating and is interested in moving forward on the path of adult competition.