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Middle School Student

Derek is in middle schooler at Lighthouse Connections Academy. He’s a gamer who loves science, technology, and engineering. Here’s more of what Derek had to say about Lighthouse Connections Academy.

Why I Chose Lighthouse Connections Academy

Connections Academy interested me because I was looking for a school during the COVID-19 pandemic. I found out that Connections Academy is fully virtual and had over 20 years of experience.

I like how I can create my own schedule and do my work whenever works best for me.

My favorite subject is science because I love learning about engineering, technology, and outer space. My favorite club is gaming and technology because I am a gamer and love technology.

When I get questions wrong on an assessment, I can send corrections to my teachers to earn back points. They are always nice to me in their replies and give me feedback if I still have the question wrong. In LiveLesson ®, I always participate in the lesson and interact with other students and my teachers.

My teachers are all very helpful and are very nice. I can call or webmail them whenever I need help, and they are always there for me.

— Derek

I am interested in gymnastics. I have private lessons every Monday and Friday. I fit this into my schedule because I usually have all my work done by around 3:00. If I do not, I can come home and finish up.

While I still have a of schooling left, my future plans are to attend Michigan Tech and become an Aerospace Engineer.

Derek sitting at his workspace at home
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