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Christina Steinbrunner


Christina Steinebrunner is a recent graduate from Lighthouse Connections Academy (LCA). She came to the school along with her sister, Laetitia. The family had moved from Germany and enrolled in their local public high school, but found the class size, student drama, and chaotic classrooms too distracting. The Steinebrunner family began looking for alternative options and decided they wanted to try schooling from home at Lighthouse Connections Academy. Since then, the sisters were able to focus and have more opportunities to become independent in their learning. Below, Christina shares what she loved about attending online school:

“I decided to try online schooling at home because I did not like my ninth grade experience at the local brick-and-mortar public school. The other students were very disrespectful to teachers and classmates and that made me feel uncomfortable. Also, I felt like I wasn’t learning much because the classroom environment was very distracting and teachers were constantly quieting the students down. When we found Lighthouse Connections Academy, I was very happy and excited because it looked like a great program.

Connections Academy® is different because I feel like there is genuine value for learning. For example, when my teachers grade my assignments, they always provide feedback. They also answer my questions in a timely manner. This helps me learn and improve what I did wrong.

I love Connections Academy because I learn a lot, I pursue my interests, and I have a lot of fun during LiveLesson® sessions.

— Christina


Lighthouse Connections Academy also helped me to be more independent, and my schedule was flexible. Since I worked at home, I had a quiet environment in which I could concentrate. My favorite subjects are Chinese, geometry, and English language arts. I love Chinese because it’s such an interesting and intriguing language, and Chinese culture is very fascinating. I also like geometry because I have always liked math, and I like English language arts because I like grammar and learning about things such as poetry, figurative language, and expository writing. 

Christina S from Lighthouse Connecitons Academy plays the guitar

Outside of school, I am passionate about reading, music, crafting, sewing, baking, playing with my birds and my hamster, and most of all, spending time with family. I managed my schedule around these interests by organizing my priorities and taking breaks. I also go outside with my family frequently. I stay in touch with friends by texting them on a group chat, video chatting with them, and seeing them at church.

After graduation, I plan to go to college. I would love to study politics and languages. Connections Academy has helped me to prepare for my future by providing a good education and by preparing me to be independent for college.”