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Amie is a Learning Coach for her son Derek. They found Lighthouse Connections Academy in 2020. Here’s what she had to say about being a Learning Coach.

Why We Chose Lighthouse Connections Academy

I researched virtual academies online because of the pandemic. We chose Connections Academy after researching many virtual schools. We liked knowing that Lighthouse Connections Academy had 20 years of experience with online learning.

We both love the flexibility that online learning offers. Derek can attend his gymnastics practice without the stress of trying to fit everything in on practice days. We arrange his schedule to fit in extra school hours on non-practice days, and he can have lighter academic days on gym days.

Our Online School Experience

Derek is thriving at Lighthouse Connections Academy. He's engaged in his LiveLesson® sessions and clubs, he loves working on the projects, he's able to take advanced classes that are challenging and fun, and he's getting straight A's. I’m a very excited Mom!

My son’s favorite subject is Science. The lessons are challenging and fun at the same time, and his teacher is wonderful! We had a great time doing the science experiments together too! I love being able to be involved in the day-to-day aspects of my son's education.

Throughout the pandemic, my son has stayed in touch with his friends with live gaming online and by calling and texting as well. We're thankful that we can now visit in person with friends. With the warmer weather finally here, they have been outside riding bikes and scooters and going swimming.

We liked knowing that Lighthouse Connections Academy had 20 years of experience with online learning and love the flexibility.

— Amie
Mark and his son attending online school

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