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Online Middle School in Michigan

As students enter their middle school years, they start broadening their exploration of interests and start shaping a game plan for life. At Lighthouse Connections Academy, we capitalize on this blossoming of potential by providing increasingly independent studies through our online charter school. Learning Coaches transition from an active role in daily lessons to a supportive role when the student may need assistance. Lessons are directed to the student, urging them toward self-motivation and personal responsibility.

Lighthouse Connections Academy Online Middle School Curriculum Content

Lighthouse Connections Academy strives to be one of the best middle schools in Michigan and provides online middle school as an alternative to traditional school for students across the state. Authorized by Oxford Community Schools as a Michigan charter school, Lighthouse Connections Academy provides the state-required curriculum through a full-time virtual school program, delivered right to the home of the student or wherever they wish to access the internet.

Please take a few minutes to check out some of our sample lessons and get a clearer picture of the variety of courses available to meet the needs of each student.

Lighthouse Connections Academy’s online charter school staff work collaboratively at all levels, from teachers to technical staff to curriculum experts. Teachers also collaborate with parents and Learning Coaches to personalize each student’s learning. We also work with accomplished academic partners to provide high-quality innovative resources.

Support for Michigan Online Middle School Students

When Lighthouse Connections Academy students reach middle school, they will continue to work under the direction of a counselor or advisory teacher but will also begin focusing on specific subject courses led by state-certified teachers with excellent credentials.

Virtual instruction and review sessions are led by teachers through our LiveLesson® tool. LiveLesson sessions may be used for real-time instruction for the class, for giving individualized assistance on a one-on-one basis for a student, and also for providing group sessions where students can work together and communicate with each other.

Online Middle School Course Electives and Activities

As students grow, so do their interests, and Lighthouse Connections Academy’s elective courses enable them to embrace their curiosities by providing a wide range of topics to explore. Online middle school is an ideal opportunity for students to start honing specific career skills like language proficiency or computer technology. This is also the opportune time for students to try out courses in various fields from digital graphic design to accounting, testing the waters to find out if there is a field they want to pursue.

As an online middle school in Michigan, Lighthouse Connections Academy offers a number of activities and field trips that are used to augment lessons and ensure proper socialization for students. These are recommended but optional because we understand that each student has differing needs. The Middle School Career Club is one example of a group activity that not only provides exploration of different careers but also incorporates preparation for high school and college.

In addition to the needs students have for personal exploration and socialization, our professional teaching staff recognizes that academically advanced students need greater challenges, so we offer a gifted and talented program. Accelerated students may be considered for Advanced Placement®* in high school courses upon review and approval by their counselor.

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