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Online Third Grade Classes at Lighthouse Connections Academy

At Lighthouse Connections Academy (LCA), an online elementary school in Michigan, we offer third grade classes geared toward enabling students to build upon what they’ve learned and improve their academic skills and knowledge. Through hands-on learning and activities, students can learn in a way that works best for them. We utilize a state-approved third grade curriculum that teaches students multiplication and division, life cycles and ecosystems, the five stages of the writing process, and more. While they benefit from the flexibility of an online school, students learn everything they need to succeed academically in the next grade level.

Learn more about the online third grade classes that are available by exploring our course descriptions below. You can see for yourself why Lighthouse Connections Academy is the right choice when it comes to online elementary schools in Michigan by viewing our sample lessons. Lighthouse Connections Academy online school is dedicated to helping students learn and grow in a way that works them according to their individual needs and can be a great alternative to traditional schools for many families.

Some textbooks are available in online format only.

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