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Online School Counselors Program Lighthouse Connections Academy

With Lighthouse Connections Academy (LCA), students connect with dedicated, licensed school counselors who can help them attain their full learning potential. These knowledgeable school counselors assist with academic goal setting, scheduling, and planning. They also provide support in personal and social development, as well as career and college planning, in order to prepare students for a bright future.

Helping Students Succeed in School and Life

The foundation of Lighthouse Connections Academy’s virtual school counseling program is the positive relationships we build with students and families. Counselors are easily accessible in person, by phone, and online to discuss concerns and goals.

To ensure that students can handle the variety of academic, personal, social, and other concerns that may inhibit their academic and life choices, our online school counselors have excellent credentials: master’s degrees and specialized developmental and educational psychology training experience.

LCA takes further strength from the continuing support of the Connections Academy national headquarters, which grants us access to a diverse and collaborative teaching network with school counselors throughout the United States. With these resources at our disposal, we enable counselors to offer individualized attention and national expertise to students and families alike.

Preparing Students for College and Career Choices

Counseling sessions are just the beginning of the services our counselors provide Michigan high school students. A variety of resources and activities are used to engage students in preparation for their college experience and future careers, including:

  • One-on-one counseling—Counselors assist students in postsecondary planning with a variety of resources including career options, vocational training, and guidance on how to select the right college
  • Personal learning plans focused on postgraduation goals
  • College test preparation courses for SAT examinations
  • LiveLesson® sessions—These interactive online sessions link Connections Academy’s faculty, students, and families across the country with real-time information and updates on a wide range of key topics, such as:
    • College application processes
    • Entrance requirements
    • Financial aid and scholarships

These services are just a few of the many resources students can draw upon through Lighthouse Connections Academy and our school counselors, granting students the opportunity to excel both in the classroom and in life.

Shanna Shepherd

Meet Shanna Shepherd

Manager of Counseling Services

Shanna Shepherd is the lead counselor at Lighthouse Connections Academy and joined Connections Academy® in 2018. Ms. Shepherd shares her story below:

“I became an educator because I believe that every child deserves to have an advocate. I love working with students at Lighthouse Connections Academy. Most students here have decided to take ownership of their education. Parents and families have decided to have an active role in their student’s education.

We create a welcoming community for parents, teachers, and students by building strong relationships with everyone involved in contributing to each individual student’s success. Helping students plan for postsecondary success is my favorite part of the job!”

When asked about what makes online school different from a brick-and-mortar setting, Ms. Shepherd answered, “Flexibility! There are also a lot of opportunities for one-on-one interaction with your teacher.”

“We help prepare students for a bright future by providing counseling office hours for one-on-one planning. We are here to assist students 100 percent through the college-going process or other postsecondary planning. For younger students, this may look different, such as helping students to overcome (or removing entirely) some of the barriers that have prevented them from achieving their optimal performance in a brick-and-mortar school.”


  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Wayne State University
  • Master of Arts, Counseling, Wayne State University
  • Master of Education, Leadership and Administration, Saginaw Valley State University