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Brielle Simonski

Brielle flipping upside down during a gymnastics meet

Brielle Simonski is a middle school student at Great Lakes Cyber Academy (GLCA). Because GLCA allows students the flexibility to create their own schedule, Brielle is able to accommodate gymnastics meets and training, as well as piano and voice lessons. Brielle shares what she loves about attending school at GLCA.

“I currently spend over twenty-one hours practicing gymnastics each week. During gymnastics season I travel to many different states to compete in meets. I also take private piano and voice lessons each week and participate in music competitions around the state. I was interested in GLCA because I heard and read great things about the school. I love that I can go at my own pace. My favorite subjects are English and science. I manage my schedule by practicing and going to piano and voice lessons on the days I don’t have gymnastics.

I previously went to a traditional public math, science, and technology school. It is different from GLCA in that when I missed a day, it would take me a whole week to get caught up. At GLCA, I can work ahead if I know I won’t get many lessons done on a certain day. My goal after graduation is to attend a Division 1 college and continue my gymnastics career as a collegiate gymnast.”

To learn more about Brielle's story, read her mom’s profile.

What I like about GLCA is that I can go at my pace, get ahead, and work at any time of the day.
— Brielle