Ashlee Holtz

Ashlee ballet dancing

Ashlee Holtz is a graduate of Great Lakes Cyber Academy (GLCA). As a busy dancer, she is grateful for the flexible scheduling that GLCA offered. Ashlee shares her story below.

“Before GLCA, I attended a local private school, where I had many distractions that kept me from concentrating. When I came to GLCA, I found that I could work at my own pace with no distractions—it was great! I was also able to work one-on-one with teachers, and do all my work on-the-go or at home. My favorite subjects were geometry and digital photography.

Dance is my passion. I have been dancing since I was two and I love every minute of it. Dance allows me to be free and express myself through movement; I always wish to be in the studio dancing. Because dancing takes up so much of my time, GLCA’s flexible schedule allowed me to get my school work done and dance as much as I needed. I had dance practice at night four days a week, and school during the day. I also worked out during the day to get stronger for dance and to stay healthy. If I had attended a traditional bricks-and-mortar school, I would not have had the time to fit in all the workouts and practices, and have time for homework. GLCA was great for me and my lifestyle because I could fit school and dance in during the week and still have fun on the weekends."

Ashlee hopes to receive a bachelor’s degree in dance, as well as in in teaching and business. After graduating college, her dream is to open her own dance studio. Eventually, Ashlee would like to settle down and start a family.

I loved Great Lakes Cyber Academy because the teachers were great and actually helped me understand when I was having problems. I also had lots of freedom to dance.
— Ashlee