Our Michigan Cyber School

At Great Lakes Cyber Academy in Michigan, we take pride in our online public school program that offers students the opportunity to learn wherever they have an internet connection. Students have access to an outstanding curriculum and certified, expert teachers. Our online learning program is designed to help each student reach his or her full potential. Students work with teachers and counselors to determine educational goals while learning from the comfort of their own home.

Authorized by Central Michigan University

Great Lakes Cyber Academy is authorized by Central Michigan University and is part of the Connections Academy family of public virtual schools. GLCA is accredited by a division of AdvancED, the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.

You can view the Great Lakes Cyber Academy Annual Education Report to get more information on the school’s 2016–17 educational progress.

Our Mission

GLCA’s mission is to help each student maximize his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards through a uniquely individualized learning program.

The Great Lakes Cyber Academy Online School Experience

Helping our students learn how to succeed in life is something we take seriously. Like their parents do, GLCA strives to give students the tools they need to become successful, productive and confident adults. We help students build on their strengths in a way that is supportive and challenging at the same time. Although the learning is done online, our students are connected to a large community of like-minded students, teachers, and parents through the virtual classroom.

Here are four of the commitments that drive our approach:

Free Online Education, Outstanding Curriculum

At GLCA, we believe the fundamental right to a good education shouldn’t be limited to those who can afford to pay for it. Students receive an outstanding public online education at no charge to them through our online public school program. That means there are no fees for learning materials and no tuition charges.

The Great Lakes Cyber Academy curriculum includes core classes, interesting electives, and AP® and Honors courses. Our courses are designed to help students develop the skills they will need after high school. Our cyber school curriculum combines the best texts, materials, and resources available that not only meet all national and state standards, but may also exceed theml. Our curriculum is designed to engage our students in new and creative ways.

Exceptional Teachers

Our teachers are the foundation of the Great Lakes Cyber Academy experience. Their dedication to teaching our students is second to none. They are passionate about the subjects they teach and are specially trained to teach in an online environment. Our cyber school in Michigan draws teachers who care about their students and want to help them achieve their educational goals.

Individual Attention

We know that each student has unique abilities and learning styles that require a personalized approach to education. Our students thrive when receiving individualized attention in a safe and nurturing environment. We use these guiding principles as the foundation of Connections Academy’s Personalized Performance Learning® approach. GLCA teachers develop a learning plan based on an individual students’ learning styles, skills, and interests, which enables the student to succeed.

Parent-Supported Learning

We’ve witnessed firsthand the connection between parental support and educational success. Students thrive when parents act as Learning Coaches. Working closely with their children allows parents to closely monitor their education and see their progress. We’ve heard from many parents that being so involved with their children’s education is one of the best aspects of the GLCA online school program.

Three Graduation Pacing Options

GLCA offers students three flexible graduation pacing options, making it possible to work at a pace comfortable to them.

  • Standard Pace: A full course load in the fall and spring sessions.
  • Extended Pace: Coursework is spread out over the fall, spring, and summer sessions, providing students more time for other activities throughout the 9-month school year, with time to complete a full workload over the course of the calendar year.
  • Accelerated Pace: Attending fall, spring, and summer sessions full-time enables students to graduate early or take postsecondary dual enrollment courses.

Easy-to-Use Technology

Connections Academy’s user-friendly Connexus® system enables students to learn anywhere they have an internet connection. Our teachers conduct real-time interactive LiveLesson® sessions using conferencing and dynamic screen tools. Students enjoy the benefits of a traditional classroom from the comfort of their own home. They are gain confidence during social interactions in an online setting. This also allows parents to monitor their child’s educational progress.

Socialization, Community, and Friendships

One drawback to traditional homeschooling is the lack of socialization. At Great Lakes Cyber Academy, learning online doesn’t mean learning alone. Students have the opportunity to meet regularly in online LiveLesson sessions with teachers and peers. This allows them to have social interaction, share experiences and ideas, and have fun learning together. The flexibility of the program allows students the opportunity to also participate in activities in their community or a GLCA club.