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Michelle Davenport

Coordinator of School Counseling

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Assumption College ; Master of Education, School Counseling, Springfield College

Mrs. Davenport is a school counselor at Maine Connections Academy and one of the newest additions to our staff. She shares more below.

Why I Became a Teacher

I became a school counselor because I enjoy working with high school students and love to see them grow into young adults by the time they reach graduation. It's rewarding for me to get to work with a student for such a pivotal time in their life and help guide them in decisions that will impact their future self. To know I played a small role in helping a student achieve their academic and post-secondary goals is something that makes me proud to be an educator.

The Benefits of Online Learning

Online school gives students flexibility in when and where they access their education. A student could be traveling to their soccer tournament halfway across the state, but still be able to work on their assignments and attend LiveLesson® sessions.

The Online School Experience at Maine Connections Academy

Maine Connections Academy is all about personalizing students' education paths. Our course offerings, including dual enrollment courses, career and technical education courses, and Advanced Placement® (AP®)* courses, let students try new things and dive deeper into topics they enjoy.

I love how diverse Maine Connections Academy's student body is. Maine is such a unique state in its history, geography, and population. Being able to work with a student who lives in a small community of 300 in the northern part of the state, and to then change gears to work with a student who lives in downtown Portland, makes my day exciting. Students have such varied life experiences, but all have the same goal of working towards their diploma at Maine Connections Academy.

"Our staff is such a caring, compassionate group of people. They put students first and are excited for the work they do. Their passion comes through in tasks big and small, making sure that students feel understood and have a voice."

— Ms. Davenport

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