Our school program offers online clubs, in-person activities, and local Louisiana field trips to help students connect.

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Online Extracurriculars for Students in Grades 6-11

Our online clubs and activities are designed to help your student make connections while pursuing their interests. Whether your student is interested in journalism or science, art or chess, or something else entirely, our online clubs empower students to gain social confidence and compete in contests at local, state, and national levels. In addition, many of our high school students find that participating in clubs is a great way to round out their extracurriculars and showcase their interest and passions on their college applications.


Clubs & Activities offered to students in grades K-12


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Celebrating With Families

High school graduation is a big deal. And, at Arizona Connections Academy, we give it all the pomp and circumstance it deserves.

When your child graduates from our online high school in Arizona, they’ll gather with you and the rest of your family for a graduation ceremony. Caps and gowns and diplomas are all part of the day, giving your child the recognition they’ve earned before they move on to their next adventure, prepared to take on the world.

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