“My son Anthony is a gentle spirit. He started school a year earlier than most children, so he was always just a step out of place. He is very bright, but he never ‘fit in’ at his traditional school. I’m not sure if the reason was his age, or if it was just that he saw things a bit differently than most children. Whatever the case, it broke my heart to see him struggle.

Then, during the end of Anthony’s ninth grade year, my health became an issue, and our family had to travel out of state so I could get the medical care I needed. When I got healthy and returned home, Anthony and I discussed his school situation. The alternatives seemed bleak; basically, he was going to have to redo the entire ninth grade. We had been discussing different options for his schooling for a few years, so I started the search for online schools.

It wasn’t hard to find the perfect fit: Kansas Connections Academy (KCA), which, from the website, sounded too good to be true. So, nervous as I could be, I dialed the number for KCA and explained Anthony’s situation. I’ll never forget talking to Teresa Carter, who made me feel so comfortable and was so accommodating. Wow, what a blessing. I later spoke to Anthony, and before I had finished describing KCA, he was saying, “Mom, yes, yes, yes!” From that point on, I saw my son change before my eyes.

KCA teachers were always there for my son, one-on-one, calling him on things when he wasn’t trying, getting him focused. They wanted him to succeed as much as he wanted to succeed. And he did.

— Pattie

I quickly saw Anthony taking on his classes with self-motivation and confidence. He had what it took. What a blessing to be able to realize this while he is still young enough for me to guide him in the right direction. I have never been so proud of him, and, believe me, the positive feedback he received for his writing, beginning when he was in sixth grade, gave me great reason to be proud. But this was different. It was a testament to the type of man he would become. He has it. He thrives at being able to work at his own pace, and I have been impressed with his ability to prioritize and get the work done. Whereas once he didn’t ‘fit in,’ now he has self-esteem. He found his comfort zone, and from that point on, he soared.

Okay, now for a reality check: yes, Anthony was overwhelmed by his math classes. Math is not his best subject, but his KCA teachers were always there for him one-on-one, calling him on things when he wasn’t trying, getting him focused. They wanted him to succeed as much as he wanted to succeed. And he did.

In high school, when Anthony was asked ‘What do you want to do with your life?’ he was favoring two opposite directions of thought on the issue. We had discussions with his counselor, Teresa Carter, and she found classes that would help him become better prepared for making that decision. Amazing, how much more can a parent ask for? And by the way, KCA is free, which is another blessing!”

Anthony graduated from KCA in 2014 and was accepted at Le Cordon Bleu Academy, in Las Vegas.