Hunter Schuknecht

Hunter Schuknecht

Graduate Student

Hunter Schuknecht is a graduate of Kansas Connections Academy (KCA). She lives in Overland Park, KS with her family. Read more of Hunter’s story below:

“Hunter started riding horses at a very early age. It immediately became her passion and drive. We’ve looked for avenues and options to allow her to immerse herself in her passion for riding and horses, but we needed to balance it with her schooling.

As Hunter has gotten older and more talented—and ranked in the top 100 riders in the world—we needed a school that was flexible and allowed her to compete full time and year-round. Online school and Connections Academy was a perfect fit. We had tried a different online school for her freshman year, but it didn’t provide the structure, support, or necessary tools to help Hunter succeed as we had hoped. Some of the key things offered by KCA that best helped Hunter are the planner, real-time grades, and responsive and talented teachers who provided support and structure.”

The flexibility, planner, and recorded LiveLesson® sessions helped me the most since I was not always able to meet live.

— Hunter