Dorthy smiling


Elementary Student

Dorthy is a fourth-grade student at Kansas Connections Academy. At Kansas Connections Academy, she can learn at her own pace with teachers who offer one-on-one support without the distraction of 20+ classmates there would be in a brick-and-mortar classroom. Learn more about her story.  

Choosing Kansas Connections Academy

Dorthy enrolled in Kansas Connections Academy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her family tried both public and private schools but found that she wasn’t getting the one-on-one attention and support she needed. Distracted by other students, Dorthy started to fall behind.  

What I like most about Kansas Connections Academy is that the lessons make me want to learn without the distractions of all the other kids at my last school.

— Dorthy

Dorthy’s Online School Experience

Once at Kansas Connections Academy, Dorthy excelled by being able to learn at her own pace, taking extra time on lessons she didn’t understand or quickly working through lessons that came more easily to her. She can get one-on-one support from her teachers along with online tutors. There are also lots of videos available to help her understand her lessons. Her Kansas Connections Academy teachers are interested in getting to know who she is as a person, not just another kid in a large class. They know how much she loves to help, so they ask her to help with small tasks. 

Science is Dorthy’s favorite subject. She likes the hands-on experiments and the wide range of topics covered in her science lessons. In all her subjects, she is learning and exploring so much more than she did at her previous schools. If she finds a subject that grabs her attention, she can take the time to learn more about it, giving her the freedom to spend time on things that interest her. 

Dorthy’s school day is built around helping others and spending time outside. She loves asking neighbors if they need help with yard work or gardening, and regularly checks in on an elderly neighbor who lives alone. She also loves sports, spends time at her dad’s gym, and hopes to compete in lifting meets when she is older. She stays connected with friends through playdates, sleepovers, and WebMail.  

Dorthy weight lifting