Parents as Partners in Online Schooling

As a parent or caregiver, you want to be there for your child. When you enroll them in Indiana Connections Career Academy, you will be. See how being by their side today will help them go far tomorrow.
The Part You Play

Embracing the Role of Learning Coach

Does a parent have to be present for online school? Here’s what we’ve learned through our years of providing online public school to children like yours: While you don’t always have to be in the room, you’ll need to monitor your child’s daily learning and make sure they’re understanding and completing their lessons. And you'll do just that as your child’s Learning Coach.

As a Learning Coach, you’ll have the best of two worlds. You’ll be able to provide your child with a level of support and guidance that no one else can, and you’ll get to watch them learn, progress and succeed. It’s a role you’ll feel meant for.

What to Expect

Being There for Your Child

You know what your child needs. What excites them. What challenges them. What they dream of when they imagine their future. As their Learning Coach, you’ll be by their side, partnering with our teachers and staff to help your child become the person you know they can be.

What should you expect? Learning Coaches are responsible for structuring their child’s school day, a task made simple with our online scheduling tool. You will also monitor attendance, stay in touch with teachers by phone or email and provide one-on-one support with learning activities. However, the specifics of your role will shift as your child grows older and gains more independence. Choose your child’s grade level to learn more.

Your Role in Online Middle School

For Indiana Connections Career Academy children in grades 6-8, Learning Coaches take a step back. As in most middle schools, your child will work with subject-specific teachers as they gain independence alongside knowledge. As their Learning Coach, you should expect to:

  • Spend 2-3 hours a day overseeing schoolwork
  • Lend a hand with some lessons
  • Check to make sure your child is understanding what they’re learning and keeping their grades up
  • Communicate one-on-one with teachers on a regular basis
  • Connect your child to their teacher when needed

Your Role in Online High School

For Indiana Connections Career Academy children in grades 9-12, Learning Coaches give their children plenty of freedom to work independently and gain the resilience they’ll need to succeed in adulthood. As your child’s Learning Coach, you should expect to:

  • Spend 1 to 2 hours a day overseeing schoolwork
  • Double-check to make sure your child is completing their assignments
  • Connect your child to their teacher when needed
  • Attend regular teacher conferences

The Guidance You Need

Being a Learning Coach is an amazing opportunity. To help you make the most of it—and ensure you can help your child succeed—we offer plenty of resources and support. This includes:

  • Online orientation program, which introduces you to the Learning Coach role and provides tips on how to offer the right support for your child.
  • 24/7 access to our online Learning Coach Central where you’ll find a wide range of resources designed to guide you forward
  • Toll-free number for a Connections Academy technical support representative, who’ll help you troubleshoot computer-related issues
  • Easy ways to connect with teachers and our staff whenever you have a question or need additional support
  • Parent network where you can join other Connections Academy parents and share tips and advice
  • Opportunity to become a local community coordinator and work with teachers to put together special projects and plan in-person field trips

By being a Learning Coach, you can be there for your child when they need you most. And we’ll be right there with you, helping you along the way.

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