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Arjun Siderys

INCA student Arjun

Arjun is a middle school student at Indiana Connections Academy (INCA). Arjun was born in Indianapolis and has one younger brother. He has enjoyed been a student at INCA since 2011 and finds that having a more flexible schedule enables him to thrive.

Arjun’s mom says, “The teachers at INCA are very helpful. Since Arjun is in the Gifted and Talented program, the school customizes the curriculum to meet his needs. This year, Arjun showed outstanding performance on the statewide test and literacy evaluation, where he scored 225 words per minute.

The flexible class schedule allows Arjun to explore his interests outside of school. He can arrange his schedule as he sees fit to participate in the activities that come up during the school day. He enjoys learning to play the piano and violin, and has fun participating in piano recitals and learning new music pieces. Spending time with the family is important to Arjun. He likes to visit museums, attend science labs, and read. In his spare time, Arjun also likes to hike, bike, and play chess with his brother and friends.”

Everyone should explore their own possibilities, and INCA helps me to explore mine.
— Arjun