Image of Mr. Clark

Nathan Clark

High School Teacher

Bachelor’s Degree, Secondary Education, Grand Valley State University; Master’s Degree, Teaching and Curriculum, Michigan State University 

Nathan Clark started teaching in 2005 and joined Great Lakes Learning Academy in 2021. He teaches English and Social Studies to students in grades 6–12. 

Why I Became a Teacher

Mr. Clark says he became a teacher “to help students realize their potential as unique individuals capable of shaping their own lives. The relationships with students, both teaching and guiding [them], is very rewarding at Great Lakes Learning Academy. [I’m] able to help [them] learn and grow as students, individuals, and members of a community.” 

His favorite classroom activity is using anticipation and reaction guides, which are designed to build interest and curiosity about a subject. “Both English and Social Studies are about the human experience,” Mr. Clark explains. “Students can apply their knowledge and beliefs to learn and grow. [This helps them] become better students and people.” 

The Online Experience at Great Lakes Learning Academy

Mr. Clark likes providing students with opportunities to demonstrate their unique talents and skills. He does this with class projects and assignments that allow students to demonstrate their capabilities. The students then have the chance to share and discuss their experience and contributions with other students and receive constructive feedback. 

A fan of the school’s in-person field trips, Mr. Clark’s favorite was exploring the Henry Ford Museum. Students learned about innovations they could relate to their own lives. Mr. Clark used the experience to stimulate discussion and conduct inquiry-based learning activities.  

What Parents Thinking of Enrolling Their Child Here Should Know

“Great Lakes Learning Academy provides an outstanding curriculum and amazing teachers who provide one-on-one support,” Mr. Clark says. “This approach allows students to reach their full potential because it’s student-centered.”

“Students can learn transferable skills at Great Lakes Learning Academy that will help them create a bright and successful future for themselves.” 

— Mr. Clark