Image of Ms. Shin

Lisa Shin

Middle School and High School Teacher

Bachelor’s Degree, Business Administration, Concordia University; Graduate Certificate, Educational Technology, Michigan State University; Master’s Degree, Education, Michigan State University 

Lisa Shin started teaching in 1995 and joined Great Lakes Learning Academy in 2023. She teaches English language learner classes to students in grades 6–12. 

Why I Became a Teacher

“I imagined becoming a teacher since I was in middle school,” Ms. Shin says. “A strong influence in my decision … was the fact that my family includes high school and language educators who taught in the U.S. and in Africa, Mongolia, and South America. I had a lot of positive and influential educators in my life, and it is my goal to mirror the same experience for the students and families I serve here at Great Lakes Learning Academy.”

The Online Experience at Great Lakes Learning Academy

Ms. Shin encourages students to believe in their own success and to have a “can do” mindset when they engage with class content and take part in on-camera LiveLesson® sessions. In these sessions, students learn from the teacher, from the class material, and from other students, so participation is highly encouraged.  

Says Ms. Shin, “Being able to have students display a part of their learning during online instructional time is important. [After instruction], students enjoy brief show-and-tell times when they make a digital illustration or visual and then briefly tell the class about it. This fosters group collaboration and engagement.”

What Parents Considering Enrolling Their Child Here Should Know

According to Ms. Shin, “Here at Great Lakes Learning Academy we have a school of dedicated and talented teachers [who] highly value relationships and communication with students and caregivers for effective learning and student success. 

“Each student is unique and has their own vision for their future. As an educator, I’m here to help them build their knowledge and the lifelong skills that they will utilize in whatever future path they choose.” 

Ms. Shin’s Personal Interests

“In my free time, I enjoy being with my family and [like to] travel. I like to play golf, tennis, pickleball, and swim,” she says. “I also like to cook foods from other cultures, so I can often be found in my kitchen attempting to make or eat various types of foods. One of my favorite foods is hummus, but I am still working to perfect the taste. … I also like to read, and yes, take online courses.”

“I love seeing students grow and learn in their classes, and I love reminding my students of those successes throughout the school year.”

— Ms. Shin