Image of Ms. Zedan

Diane Zedan

Manager of Special Education

Bachelor's Degree, Elementary Education, Marygrove College; Master's Degree, Special Education, Eastern Michigan University; Educational Specialist Certification, Wayne State University  

Diane Zedan began working at Great Lakes Learning Academy in 2023 when she became Manager of Special Education. Her favorite part of the job is working with staff to increase student success to bring about true growth, learning, and accomplishment. 

Why She Became an Educator

“I began teaching students with special needs as a 15-year-old volunteer in a special needs swimming program,” says Ms. Zedan. “This program showed me the joy a student shared after learning a skill they wanted to have. This joy of learning is the catalyst for my continued growth in education. 

Great Lakes Learning Academy creates a warm community of instructors, homeroom teachers, case managers, counselors, and administrators as they build relationships with students and their families to develop a connection and level of understanding and trust.” 

The Online Experience at Great Lakes Learning Academy

Ms. Zedan believes this school provides students and families with the flexibility to engage with the curriculum in accord with their schedules. This flexibility makes it easier for the student’s Learning Coach to be on hand to support their student as they work toward success. 

How This School Helps Prepare Students for a Bright Future

According to Ms. Zedan, “Great Lakes Learning Academy prepares students to aim for their goals and dreams as they enter adulthood and become successful individuals and citizens.”  

“The skills students learn here] will support their plans and desired outcomes, which will be achieved through the work engaged in during their … educational activities.” 

— Ms. Zedan