Image of Ms. Grilli

Angela Grilli

Assistant Principal

Bachelor’s Degree, Elementary Education, Athens State University; Master’s Degree, Educational Leadership, The University of Alabama 

Angela Grilli joined Great Lakes Learning Academy in 2019. Her favorite part of being an assistant principal at the school is working in partnership with staff, students, and caretakers to empower students.

Why She Became an Educator

“I became a teacher to make a difference in our world,” Ms. Grilli says. “I then decided to further my education to become an assistant principal to support student learning, collaborate with teachers, and to connect with all stakeholders. I enjoy the challenge of inspiring our students to invest in their own education.

“Our leadership team, teachers, and office staff work together to ensure families are supported. Being successful in the virtual environment is done with collaboration from caretakers, students, and school staff. We all have the same goal and focus on student achievement. Working as a team not only provides a welcoming community for our families, but also creates a positive working environment for our educators as well.” 

According to Ms. Grilli, the best part of working with students at Great Lakes Learning Academy is seeing them excel in ways they did not see possible. Students gain confidence and take ownership of their learning. She also enjoys building connections with students and caretakers. 

The Online Experience at Great Lakes Learning Academy

“Not all students are successful in brick-and-mortar schools. Having an online school opportunity is transformational for some students,” Ms. Grilli explains. “Our school promotes student engagement with a rigorous curriculum and a supportive learning environment. Great Lakes Learning Academy does an amazing job of building connections, empowering learners, and shaping the future. 

“We make sure students are engaged, well-rounded individuals with every opportunity to excel and succeed. The benefit of online public school is that we work closely with students, Learning Coaches, and caretakers to ensure student success. It provides a conducive learning environment for students, and I have watched students thrive and succeed in ways they didn’t think possible.

“Great Lakes Learning Academy does an amazing job fostering student engagement … We hold [on-camera] LiveLesson® sessions with our students where they get to interact with their peers. We offer multiple clubs and opportunities for students to collaborate and discover things that interest them. We also host field trips where we can meet up in person to explore various educational experiences.” 

What Parents Considering Enrolling Their Child Here Should Know

“Greal Lakes Learning Academy is a great option for your student to accomplish educational goals that are personalized and flexible depending on their needs,” Ms. Grilli explains. “We work as a team to ensure your student feels supported and fully equipped to excel. We understand that one size does not fit all, and we are here to make your experience the best it can be. 

“Students [here] are prepared for their future endeavors after they graduate … We have a rigorous curriculum and teachers who are dedicated to student success. Our collaborative learning environment involves not only the students, but their Learning Coaches and caretakers as well.” 

“I enjoy connecting and building relationships with families and hearing their stories and the success they experience with us.”

— Ms. Grilli