Personal Responsibility, Personal Transformation

Kruz’s family knew their son needed a change. They considered different options, including Great Lakes Learning Academy, where they were particularly attracted to the idea that Kruz would have both more autonomy and more support. Perhaps, they thought, taking more personal responsibility was exactly what their son needed.

In his first semester at Great Lakes Learning Academy, Kruz took a physical education class that asked him to complete a daily log of his activity for an entire month. Something clicked. He focused on his personal well-being in a way he never had before. He adopted a new, more active daily routine that left him feeling healthier and more refreshed! 

Kruz’s new personal motivation sparked a new focus as a student. He fully committed himself to school. If he had questions about his lessons or academic projects, he said, teachers were there to help “whenever [I] needed it.” 

Incredibly, Kruz is on schedule to complete his entire high school curriculum in only three years. He will be graduating this spring a whole year early. 

The Family Business, the U.S. Marines

Outside of school, Kruz is contributing to the family business, a barber shop. He’s “been cutting hair since [he] was eight years old and sweeping it up since [he] could walk,” he jokes. He is working toward obtaining his barber’s license (1,800+ hours of study required!), and eventually plans to also get a real estate license to help expand the family business. He goes to the gym regularly with his father and takes karate. For inspiration, he follows David Goggins – a former Navy Seal, ultramarathon runner, public speaker, and author.

As soon as he is old enough, Kruz plans on joining the United States Marine Corps.