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Kori is an elementary school student at Georgia Connections Academy. She enjoys online school because she gets to work at her own pace and get the individual attention she needs to succeed in her schoolwork.

Why I Chose Georgia Connections Academy

“I was interested in Georgia Connections Academy because I was excited to come to a virtual school to get my grades up. It gives me time to slow down and focus on my lessons and complete my work successfully.

At Georgia Connections Academy, I’m able to work at my own time and pace. I can get help from my teachers/learning coach without classmate distractions. I’m able to get support by myself and that helps me learn best.

My Online School Experience

My most memorable experience at Georgia Connections Academy is when I was able to go to recess and attend the dance party and talk to my classmates. There was also a winter party and I made a giant paper snowflake.

I love art class because I get to paint and draw. I really enjoy Language Arts because I like reading. I also enjoy recess with our counselor because I get to know the other students that are in my class and grade.

I have a good relationship with my teachers and talk to my homeroom teacher regularly. I enjoy my math Live Lessons with Mr. Chesnut, because it’s fun and he makes funny voices in class.

I’m able to get support by myself and that helps me learn best.

— Kori

About Me

I love gymnastics! This year I’m not attending gymnastics at a center due to the pandemic, but I like to play soccer with my friends and family. I love fashion and art, and I take time during my break to design clothes, outfits, bags, and houses.”

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