Why We Chose Georgia Connections Academy

I initially learned about Connections Academy from another parent who had children enrolled in the school. What interested me most was the Gifted & Talented program that Georgia Connections Academy offered. My children needed to be challenged more academically, and Georgia Connections Academy provides that challenge for them.

I was always concerned about my children being on target and keeping up with their peers academically. Finding the right school made me feel more at ease and worry less about my children.

My children needed to be challenged more academically and Connections Academy provides that challenge for them.

— Monica

Our Online School Experience

I connected with my children’s teachers through webmail or over the phone. We have had very kind, caring, and committed teachers. Most teachers were willing to go the extra mile to help when my children needed it.

My daughter enjoys musical theatre and performed in several musicals throughout the school year. Georgia Connections Academy gave her flexibility with her schedule. She could plan her school schedule and worked ahead when needed. Georgia Connections Academy taught my student to work independently. They are also taught computer skills that will be very valuable in the future.

Favorite Learning Coach Activities

My favorite Learning Coach activity was being able to be with my children as they completed their science experiments. I enjoyed watching and helping them conduct their experiments. It didn’t matter if they were being conducted in my kitchen or if they were virtual, I enjoyed being a part of their learning journey.

Advice for Prospective Families

I would advise new parents to take things slowly and not become frustrated. Things in the beginning will be a little overwhelming until you get the hang of things. I would also tell them to keep learning fun for the children. It’s important to take breaks and doing enjoyable things throughout the school day.

Tanisha Floyd