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Chance Simpson

Chance and his brother in a go cart with a small dog

Chance Simpson is a 2018 graduate of Georgia Connections Academy (GACA). Thanks to the virtual school’s flexibility, and the opportunity to learn at his own advanced pace, Chance was able to move ahead and graduate at the age of 13 years old. Dubbed a “young Einstein” by doctors in fourth grade, Chance and his mother knew they had to find the right school environment for him to truly excel.

“I was learning at such a rapid rate, and my mother and I sought to enroll me in a school that could match my pace,” says Chance. “GACA was able to provide all of that and then some.”

Chance joined Georgia Connections Academy at seven years old yet was studying as a fourth grader. His ability to learn so quickly made him a perfect fit for the virtual school, but he also credits the dedication of his teachers for helping him reach maximum success in his early education.

Chance’s mother, Martha, shares her child’s appreciation for the virtual school. “The school and their staff have been a lifesaver. GACA is our rock. Their flexibility and Chance’s ability to learn so quickly gave him the opportunity to exceed rapidly and pursue other extracurricular activities. He’s already earned a second-degree black belt.”

Chance aspires to one day become a neurologist and is beginning his journey taking courses at Point University. “I always thought the brain was interesting, so I want to learn more about it and take care of others,” says Chance.

The school and their staff have been a lifesaver. GACA is our rock.
— Chance’s mom