Image of Ms. Neal

Laura Neal

Secondary Teacher

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Interdisciplinary Studies in Education, University of Northern ColoradoMaster of Arts Degree, Elementary Education, Oakland University

Laura Neal started her education career in 2012 working with preschool children, and later became an Interventionist in math and reading for middle school students. Ms. Neal taught her first general education classroom in 2016 and joined Coastal Connections Academy in 2021 as a math teacher for grades 8–12.

Why I Became a Teacher

I became a teacher to share my growth mindset of all humans—the idea that ALL can learn and grow. No matter what your background or confidence level are, you CAN do anything. I became a teacher to “cheer on” those that yearn to gain knowledge and grow every day. I want to share my passion and understanding of how challenging learning can be, and how different the process of learning is for each and every one of us. I simply want to help!

The Online School Experience at Coastal Connections Academy

I love the family culture at Coastal Connections Academy and our sense of community. I love that we all are here for each other—staff, students, parents, guardians, everyone! We are all in this together and by communicating and listening to one another, we can achieve the highest of goals. I personally feel that the virtual academic world gives opportunities for ALL learners to feel accomplished, really master concepts, and grow a love for life-long learning.

I foster student engagement with their course content and with each other by listening to their learning needs, their personal interests, their desires, and their dreams. We are all connected, and by finding commonalities, we can learn from each other!

“The virtual academic world gives opportunities for ALL learners to feel accomplished and grow a love for life-long learning.”

— Ms. Neal

Message for Families Considering Online School

As a parent myself, I know the worry that comes with sending your kiddo out into the world, and a virtual education setting can seem daunting. I would say to you that, at Coastal Connections Academy, our teachers and staff are here for you!

We are here to guide you in the new relationship dynamic you will have as a Learning Coach for your kiddo. You will guide them through the process, make sure to keep communication open with them, and teach them that it is great to reach out and ask questions and stay in touch with their educators. There are no wrong questions!

An education at Coastal Connections Academy helps in many ways, not just by grades on papers, but internally. By having multiple modes of learning opportunities, students are able to really dive into their course concepts and learn them in a new way that can be applied to their [lives outside of school].

My Interests

I am obviously a life-long learner myself, but I am also a wife and mother of three beautiful children. I have seven years of veterinary technician experience and LOVE animals! I am a space nerd and I love The Golden Girls. Keep smiling and keep on rockin’!