Image of Ms. Marchetti

Kimberly Marchetti

Secondary English Teacher

Bachelor's Degree, Elementary Education, Florida Gulf Coast UniversityMaster’s Degree, English Education, University of South Florida

Kimberly Marchetti started teaching in 2006 and joined Coastal Connections Academy in 2021 where she teaches English for grades 9–12.

Why I Became a Teacher

I knew, very early on, that there was no greater feeling than helping others succeed. I always loved working with kids. As I got a little older, I realized that I really loved working with teenagers to help them develop their analytical skills and to help them understand the value and beauty of literature in our lives.

The Online School Experience at Coastal Connections Academy

I’ve found that I’m truly able to connect with students in a way that a bricks-and-mortar school doesn’t allow. I also find that it brings together various backgrounds with a wider demographic net, which provides more perspectives in discussions. I am constantly learning from my students, year after year.

I try to offer connection and interaction by including collaborative assignments, most of which involve creativity. This is not the same as having a group project in a school building, but it’s more of a way to share what we are doing, our passions and interests, and what we are getting out of our assignments in a collaborative platform.

“I love helping teenagers develop their analytical skills and understand the value and beauty of literature in our lives.”

— Ms. Marchetti

Message for Families Considering Online School

I would tell a parent that this school is for them if they are committed to working with their child to help them tap into all of their academic potential.

I think a Coastal Connections Academy education will help students learn to manage their tasks and stay focused on their goals. This translates perfectly into the working world as well as college.

My Interests

I am an adjunct composition instructor at St. Pete College. I am an avid runner and enjoy running in various races throughout the racing season in Florida. I’m also a member of the Tampa Bay Area Writing Project and enjoy working with other educators in the area on writing and best practices in writing instruction.