Summer Connections Program

What is Summer Connections?

Looking for an exciting way to keep your student involved with learning this summer? We can help! Summer Connections is a unique program that allows current and newly enrolled in students in grades Kindergarten–5 to better get to know their teachers, classmates, and school!

Here are just a few things your student gains from Summer Connections:

  • Familiarity with Connexus®, our online learning system
  • An opportunity to participate in many exciting online school clubs available through the Student Experience program offered during the school year
  • New friendships among the online school community 

How to Participate

If you are an existing Kindergarten–5 student, there is no need to sign up for Summer Connections. Links to LiveLesson sessions are provided in the Summer Signal newsletter which arrives in Connexus WebMail boxes on Monday mornings throughout the summer.

If your Kindergarten–5 student is not enrolled or is still in the process of enrolling, once all your enrollment documents have been verified, your student will automatically start receiving the Summer Signal newsletter by WebMail.

Enroll Now

Summer Connections Offerings

Summer Signal—This weekly newsletter (sent via our secure WebMail system) has all the information you need about clubs, activities, and special events. It also includes some fun activities:

  • brainteasers puzzles
  • word of the week
  • Quiz Bowl questions
  • opinion poll questions
  • 24-game challenge puzzles

24/7 Chess Gaming System—This system lets students play chess at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level against other students in different Connections Academy schools!

LiveLesson® Sessions

Book Talk—Students discuss interesting books and share their favorites!

Camp Games—Students dig deep and play head-to-head or simulated outdoor games, or they play-in-place games such as Tower Defense and virtual Pictionary.

Camping Skills—Students learn what items to take on a camping trip, the best way to start a campfire, how to spot wildlife, and more!

Crafting Corner—These LiveLesson sessions are designed for students who like to make useful things or who consider themselves do-it-yourselfers. Creative projects include cleaning slime, a mason jar soap dispenser, and essential oil air fresheners.

Science Busters—Do plants have feelings? Can sneezing with your eyes open make your eyeballs pop out? Does the Loch Ness Monster really glide through the seas? Science Busters LiveLesson sessions bust some puzzling myths and legends!

Summer Cooking—Students learn how to make some sizzling summer dishes to share with friends and family!

Summer Songs Karaoke—Students can select their favorite songs that they know by heart and sing the song for their peers—karaoke style! They can also engage in some friendly competition against other students.

Spectacular Sports—These LiveLesson sessions are perfect for sports lovers who want to learn more about their favorite sport. They can even show off their athletic ability on the webcam!