Position and Motion

How Things Move


Look and Wonder
Look at the dog in this picture. How would you describe where it is? What words could you use?

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Key Words

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  • motion
  • position
  • speed
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  • Describe an object's position in relation to another object
  • Measure and record changes in an object's position

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Lesson Guide


Topic: Position and motion

• Create a KWL chart
• Watch the Teachlet® tutorial
• Complete the Explore activity on page 361 in Science: A Closer Look
• Read pages 362–365 in Science: A Closer Look
• Answer the questions on page 365
• Draw three pictures that show a sequence of events
Assessment: Quick Check

Key Words

Look and Wonder
Read the Look and Wonder statement and questions about position and motion on page 360. Invite your student to share his responses to the questions. Ask:
Which dog is at the highest point in the picture?
Have your student point to the photo.
Find the dog that is moving. How would you describe the way the dog is moving? Possible answer: The dog on the ground seems like it is about to run.

Before reading the chapter, create a icon_mouse KWL Chart with your student.

Assess your student's prior knowledge on today's subject.

Have your student share what he knows about position and motion. Ask:
Why is it important to be able to describe where something is located?
How can you tell when something has moved?
How do you know when something moves faster than something else?

Review the Key Words and Objectives with your student.