Time for School Unit Introduction

Time for School


Read Read pages 6–7 in the All Together textbook with your Learning Coach.

Write Do page 2 in the All Together workbook.

Click on the link below to view a PDF sample of the iText pages you need for this lesson.

IText button  All Together

Lesson Guide


Read pages 6–7 in the All Together textbook with your student.

1. Click on the Unit 1 button.
2. Type the page number in the Go to Page box.
3. Click Go to open the page.
4. You can use the arrows on the right side of the page to navigate through the section.

Help him to use visual clues from the book to understand the vocabulary and main ideas of the section.


Then assist him as he completes page 2 in the All Together workbook.


You may wish to read one of the following stories about school with your student:

Book suggestions:
No Good in Art  by Miriam Cohen—a new art teacher teaches Jim that he is good at art.
Rex and Lilly Schooltime   by Laurene Krasny Brown—Rex and Lilly have fun at school in three short stories.
When Jo Louis Won the Title  by Belinda Rochelle— a young African-American girl is afraid of being teased about her name, until her grandfather tells her the story behind it.
Nobody’s Mother Is in Second Grade  by Robin Pulver—Cassandra’s mother decides to visit Cassandra’s second grade classroom—as a plant!

Topics to Discuss
1. What is Cassandra’s school like?
2. How is it different from your school?
3. What do you think it would be like to go to Cassandra’s school?