Aztec Creation Story

The Literature of the Americas


Aztec Life

During the 14th–16th centuries, the Aztec Empire was located in the area that is today southern Mexico. The Aztecs called themselves the Mexica. They were polytheistic, meaning that they believed in many gods. They told stories based upon their religious beliefs. Some of these still exist as Aztec mythological literature. Sacrifice was an important part of Aztec religion. It was through sacrifice, they believed, that the world could exist in the first place and that life could continue.

Now, you will watch three movies that present a brief history of the Aztec people and a look at how they have influenced Latin American life.

As you watch these movies, use your journal to write answers to the following questions:

  1. Were the Aztecs invaders or farmers?
  2. What were two features of Aztec cities?

To learn more about life in Latin America today, click on the link below to access the Grolier Online™ The New Book of Knowledge article "Latin America." Read the overview section titled "Latin America," the sections titled "Rural Life" and "City Life," and the section titled "Politics and Government Today." While you are reading, please take notes in your notebook about life in Latin America today.

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