What Are Goods and Services?

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  1. Watch the movie.

    movie icon  Goods and Services

  2. discussion icon Look at the photograph.

  3. female chef decorating a dessert

  4. Play a game.

  5. mouse icon Signs

Lesson Guide (Coaching Guide)
  1. Have your student watch the "Goods and Services" BrainPOP Jr.® movie from the beginning until 2:00. After watching the movie, ask:
    1. What is the difference between a good and a service? Possible response: A good is something that you get, and a service is something that someone else does for you.
    2. What is a good that you bought recently? Possible response: clothing
    3. What is a service that you bought recently? Possible responses: postal service; haircut
    4. Think about some jobs that you would like to have. Do they provide goods or services? Possible responses vary.

  2. Have your student look at the image on the slide. Discuss what the person is doing. Explain that sometimes a person may provide both a good and a service. Ask: Why is the chef providing a good? Possible response: Because he has a product, which is food. Why is the chef also providing a service? Possible response: Because he has cooked the food for you.
  3. Have your student access the Signs worksheet. Name the following goods and services for purchase. Ask your student to raise the sign that describes the item for purchase.

    1. police protection
    2. neighborhood swimming pool
    3. car
    4. eggs
    5. car repair
    6. doll
    7. TV channels