Annie Chidester

Annie Chidester

Elementary School Teacher

Annie Chidester is an elementary teacher at Colorado Connections Academy. She began teaching in 2005 and joined Colorado Connections Academy in 2015. Mrs. Chidester received her master’s in education from Southern Utah University and has endorsements in technology and reading. She shares more about her teaching career below.

"Growing up, I had many amazing teachers who greatly impacted me. I also come from a family of teachers—my mom and two of my sisters. I enjoy working with students and seeing them learn new concepts. I have really liked seeing students grow over time by becoming more independent and applying themselves.

I love being able to work with all the amazing students at Colorado Connections Academy, helping them be successful. I can get to know my students better in the online school environment, and I am available to work one-on-one with them when they need it. Teaching reading is a passion of mine; I love to see students develop their skills and get excited about reading.

At Colorado Connections Academy, students take on more ownership of their education. Since they are responsible for making the effort to be successful, this really helps them prepare for the future by learning that when they put in the work, the outcomes are great.

"I love being able to work with all the amazing students at Colorado Connections Academy and help them be successful."

— Ms. Chidester

Everyone in the Colorado Connections Academy school community is dedicated to helping students achieve success. The school makes it easy for parents to see what their student is accomplishing every day. There is also an open line of communication between parents, teachers, and students, which helps students achieve their academic goals."

Amy Chidester