Katherine Queen

Katherine Queen

Katherine Queen is a special education teacher at Colorado Connections Academy (ColoCA). She earned her bachelors of special education from the University of North Florida and has been teaching for over fifteen years. She has been working with Connections Academy since 2012. Her story is below: 

“When I was a child, my brother was identified with a Learning Disability.  I remember attending Special Olympics and other school events and seeing the commitment his teachers made towards him. It was evident how much they cared about not only his learning and academic achievement but his overall development as a child. As I started my family, I helped out at my local early intervention preschool and this exposed me to children who had developmental delays. I soon discovered I had a gift for working with children who had disabilities, so I changed my major to Special Education and have had the pleasure of impacting student’s lives over the last the last 17 years.

The benefit of teaching at an online school is that online learning allows me to gather specific measurable data and then use that data to deliver individualized targeted instruction to students either in small groups or one on one delivery.  My first year of teaching at Connections I quickly realized that what I taught and my students learned in a year at brick and mortar, we could cover in a semester. 

The best part of teaching online is the deep relationship that I establish with students and families.  I communicate with most of them on a weekly basis about their success in their academic performance and school participation. I feel like our students at ColoCA have a leg up on students who attend brick and mortar because they already know how to successfully utilize the technology in their academic learning. They know how to communicate with their peers and teachers using a variety of communication modes that traditional students do not necessarily get the chance to use.”

My passion in my life is teaching and helping students learn how to become better lifelong readers and learners.
— Ms. Queen