Jordan Churchill

Jordan Churchill

Jordan Churchill is the special education director at Colorado Connections Academy (ColoCA). She joined ColoCa in 2017. She loves encouraging students to think outside the box and teaching that the only failure in life is not trying.

Ms. Churchill says, “I have always wanted to be a teacher and it wasn’t until my Mom started pulling us from school to cheer on the participants of the Special Olympics, that my love for Special Populations was born. I knew at that point, even as a small child, that working with students in special populations was my calling.

I love the diversity of students at our school. From student athletes that travel to compete, to students that live in very rural parts of Colorado, to students with unique medical conditions, to students that did not thrive in a brick and mortar setting, to students that simply did not thrive in a brick and mortar school.

The online setting allows a degree of flexibility that a brick and mortar school cannot accommodate. Because we are an online public school, we still follow a lot of the same rules, but for our students with therapy appointments or other unique obligations throughout the week, this allows them the time to attend those, and the ability to log into school from anywhere at any time. I also love that we can provide related services in a virtual capacity”.


  • University of Oklahoma, B.S. Health and Exercise Science
  • CU Denver, M.A. Educational Psychology