Connections Education

Steven Guttentag

Meet Our President

Steven Guttentag

Steven Guttentag is a co-founder and President of Connections Education. He began his career as a classroom teacher and since then has held various leadership positions in school districts and companies with a common thread of leveraging new technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of education.

Dr. Guttentag spent the last 20 years designing and deploying technology solutions to improve K–12 education. He started on the inside, holding positions as teacher, administrator and Chief Information Officer.

In addition to his classroom experience, Dr. Guttentag has held several senior school district administrative positions with responsibilities in the areas of technology, facilities, special education, policy analysis, labor relations, budgeting, restructuring, and grants management. Following his classroom and school district experience, Dr. Guttentag began working for companies that were serving school districts starting with KPMG Consulting, then to Education Networks of America, to Chief Education Officer at Connections Education and President of Connections Learning and now to his current position as Managing Director of Connections Education.

His academic credentials include a BA from the University of Michigan, a M.Ed. in Teaching and Curriculum from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Policy and Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.

According to Dr. Guttentag, 'We have to be steadfast and stubborn to ensure that our powerful technology creates a truly personalized learning environment for each child, rather than simply becoming a slightly more efficient form of the factory model. There are powerful forces hanging on to the status quo.'