Image of Michael Felias

Michael Felias

Middle School Math Teacher

Michael Felias is a highly regarded middle school math teacher. Mr. Felias has been with California Connections Academy since 2015 and knows how to create engaging and easy-to-understand LiveLesson® sessions for students. He might even end a session by showcasing his extraordinary beatboxing skills. Mr. Felias uses a variety of teaching strategies and makes math “come alive” for his students.

Some of his hobbies include singing, beatboxing, and playing modern board games. One can always count on Mr. Felias to have a backpack full of games in tow everywhere he goes—especially at annual school events. He is often the hub of activity.

Mr. Felias firmly believes that honesty is the best policy. He is a solid but easygoing teacher whom students adore. One can often hear him going on and on about the school.

"I love working at Connections Academy, especially with all of our kids and the middle school team! We are the best!"

— Mr. Felias