Image of Harold Roney

Harold Roney

Director of Student Services

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, University of Phoenix; Master’s Degree in Special Education, California State University, Dominguez Hills; Administration Certification/Leadership Training, Association of California School Administrators

Mr. Roney joined California Connections Academy in 2018. His favorite part of the job is having parents thank him and say they’ve never seen so much compassion for their student.

Why I Decided to Become an Educator

“I wanted to help students while they were in high school—to reach them early in life, connect them with college, and help give them a foundation. I also wanted to assist parents who may be confused about the education process. I initially taught history as a substitute teacher, then switched to special education when I saw I could make a difference.

In our Student Services Department, we have a unique blend of teachers with vast experience who really care about our kids. I see the desire to help both in the classroom and in our communication to families. Our special education case managers and general education teachers go above and beyond.

I enjoy hearing parents thank our case managers after an Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting. This takes place at all grade levels. It’s exciting to me when parents brag about the experience they have at California Connections Academy.

The Online School Experience at California Connections Academy

I love working not only with our students, but with everybody across the board, including parents. There’s an expression, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” It’s true here. Our virtual environment is a breath of fresh air and allows us to be helpful in a broad fashion.

We can assist families faster and more efficiently than in a traditional school setting. Our students have quick and easy access to their teachers. Appointment-setting tools, phone calls, and other communication resources make it simple for them to get the support they need.

“It’s exciting to me when parents brag about the experience they have at California Connections Academy.”

— Mr. Roney

This school help prepare students for a successful future in many ways, ranging from providing support structures (thanks our alternative education system) ... to preparing them for college dual enrollment. We take each individual student and adapt what we do to help fulfill their particular needs and goals."