Image of Deidre Powell

Deidre Powell

English Teacher

Bachelor of Arts in English, Pepperdine University; Master of Education in Reading, Loyola Marymount University; Teaching Credential: Secondary English Reading Specialist, Loyola Marymount University, In process of completing the California Teacher of English Language Learners (CTEL) program with Brandman University.

Deidre Powell is a twelfth grade English teacher at California Connections Academy. Ms. Powell started teaching in 1986 and joined California Connections Academy in 2020. She shares her story below:

The Online School Experience at California Connections Academy

I am amazed with California Connections Academy and how the allegedly “unseen” are seen. I love how warm everyone is, including my colleagues, homeroom students, and their parents. You can convey a lot of care to people through phone and WebMail. I used to work at a small private school with a sense of community spirit and generosity, and feel that California Connections Academy enjoys that same spirit.

The Benefits of Online Learning

Independent study is super to help students learn about time management. Regularly scheduled calls with their homeroom teacher makes them responsible and lets them understand the importance of communication. The structure of their writing classes helps them prepare for college or career. The school has many creative students who possess the spirit of entrepreneurship.

I’m constantly looking for ways to engage and improve the learning environment for my students. I recently devised a solution this year for kids who had difficulty on the discussion board. I also facilitate discussions, foster friendships between small groups, and introduce students to each other via WebMail.

“An online education at California Connections Academy is a unique opportunity for kids to be able to pursue their passions, their dreams, and their interests.”

— Ms. Powell

Message for Prospective Families Choosing Online School

An online education at California Connections Academy is a unique opportunity for kids to be able to pursue their passions, their dreams, and their interests. We serve a segment of students who may give up in a traditional setting, but they have an opportunity here. They can join clubs. There are groups where they can discuss their wellness. It’s all-encompassing and so amazing. Autistic children who may be mainstreamed in a traditional setting could thrive here. Think outside the box, investigate, and reimagine what education might be if your child isn’t doing well in a traditional setting. 

Hobbies and Interests

Ms. Powell likes to go on hikes and walks with her friends and explore local trails using trail apps. She enjoys writing and is a member of the Facing History English Language Arts advisory board in Los Angeles. Ms. Powell also serves on the board of the nonprofit Emerge, which is a community-based organization serving youth between the ages of 15 and 25 in inner-city communities.