Nico Diaz

Nico Diaz

High School Student

Nico Diaz attends California Connections Academy, where he is a high school student along with his brother, Alex. One of the things he especially likes about the school is the flexibility it gives him to schedule his own classes. Here is Nico’s story.

Why I Attend California Connections Academy

“I wanted an environment where I could learn independently and complete my schoolwork at my own pace. I previously attended an in-person private school, where I had a disruptive class and had a hard time learning with all the distractions. When I entered Connections Academy, I quickly began to excel. At my old school, I was a C and B student, now I get As and Bs.  

I love reading crime stories, ghost stories, and horror stories. I also love playing sports and collecting many kinds of cards. Since Connections Academy is an online school, I can make my own schedule, which allows me to have time for other activities. 

“Connections Academy allows me to learn more efficiently without distractions. I can thrive better and make my own schedule.”

— Nico

My Experience Attending an Online School

I’ve taken many great classes since coming to this school. I especially loved the Introduction to Psychology class, and I enjoy history. I’ve also been a part of NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) and am currently in NHS (National Honor Society). I love those two clubs because they are really positive and encourage volunteering.   

I talk frequently with many of my teachers, especially my math and English instructors. My English teacher is especially supportive and encourages me to do my best and to not overstress. Connections Academy allows me to learn more efficiently without distractions. Here, I can thrive better and make my own schedule. 

I plan to graduate a year early, then head to community college to get my associate’s degree in psychology. Then I want to go to a university where I can learn and earn a bachelor’s [degree] in psychology. I want a career as either a psychologist (Psy.D.) or therapist (Master’s level). Connections Academy is helping me achieve my goals faster because online is faster—it’s really sped up my learning.” 

Nico Diaz