Ashley S. Argota

Ashley S. Argota


Ashley is a 2010 graduate of California Connections Academy. As a professional actress, producer, and recording artist, Ashley needed a school that offered a flexible schedule as well as high quality academics that would prepare her for college. She found both at Connections Academy. Ashley and her mother share her story below.

Her mother says, “Connections Academy allowed Ashley to equally focus on two very important aspects of her life—her education and her career, which she is so passionate about—and I’m very pleased that we found a program that allowed her the flexibility to do so. Ashley is very hard working, so the Connections Academy curriculum was great at challenging her, but we were able to also personalize it to fit her schedule. I am so proud of all that Ashley has accomplished!”

Acting, singing, and dancing have been Ashley’s passion since she was just a little girl. Before landing the role as Lulu on Nickelodeon’s “True Jackson, VP,” Ashley appeared on TV shows including “iCarly,” “The Division,” “MADtv,” “The Wayne Brady Show,” and “The Shield.” She was also the youngest performer ever to win five times in a row at “Amateur Night at the Apollo.”

"It was a gift to be able to find a school that was so flexible, yet so academically challenging and wonderful."

— Ashley

Throughout her career, Ashley had always kept her schoolwork a top priority, never having below a 3.8 GPA and never failing a test! Ashley was a student with California Connections Academy for five years, making the switch in seventh grade to allow a more flexible schedule to focus on her acting and music careers. Ashley graduated from Connections Academy in June 2010 and is very much looking forward to going to college.

Ashley is also a dedicated student, and her hard work has paid off; she was accepted to New York University and the University of California, both Santa Barbara and Riverside. She attended New York University’s School of Nursing before deferring her studies to join the cast of Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures and ABC Family’s The Fosters. She has also appeared in Lab Rats, a television movie How to Build a Better Boy, and a stage production of Romeo and Juliet: Love is a Battlefield.

Ashley, who plans to finish her degree at NYU, credits Connections Academy with giving her a great education and a chance to pursue the career she wanted. “It was a gift to be able to find a school that was so flexible, yet so academically challenging and wonderful.

When she’s not pursuing her career or studying, Ashley enjoys dancing, reading, playing with her dog, watching TV, going online, knitting and crocheting.

Ashley S. Argota