adler vuong

middle school

adler vuong is a middle school student at california connections academy. he enrolled in california connections academy because it gives him the flexibility to spend more time on coding advanced games and web apps, an activity he loves. adler tells more about himself below:

“i like that california connections academy is an online school, which means i can do my schoolwork anywhere with an internet signal. that means i can still work when my family and i are going on a trip. also, since i can work at home, i can get guidance from my parents, who help me understand the questions i got wrong.

one of my favorite subjects is math because i can learn methods and functions that allow me to code more efficiently or allow me to figure out certain problems. i usually send webmail messages to my teachers when i don’t understand a subject. they are always open to questions and help me learn more about topics that are hard for me.

"i like connections academy because it allows me to have a more flexible schedule, meaning i have more time to work on my coding skills."

— ms. schuster

i like how i can stay in touch with my school friends. i see some of my friends in the language arts livelessonⓡ sessions. we chat before the actual lesson starts and after it ends. i occasionally meet up with one of my friends at the library to complete activities.

california connections academy allows everyone to work at their own pace. at a bricks-and-mortar school, all the students are doing the same thing until everyone masters it. that means students who learn faster have to wait until everyone learns that subject instead of progressing. this doesn’t happen at connections academy. at this school, everyone can learn at their own pace.

after i graduate, i want to work on more advanced types of games and technology, maybe in the categories of ai and vr/ar. i want to help develop in those categories, making them more realistic and advanced.

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