Image of Musandela


Elementary Student

Musandela is an elementary student at Arkansas Connections Academy. Musandela and his family were looking for alternative school options due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and found Arkansas Connections Academy to be a perfect fit for their needs. Musandela and his mom share their story below: 

Why We Chose Arkansas Connections Academy

“We decided to enroll in Arkansas Connections Academy because of the flexibility it offers. I can manage Musandela’s time to include his hobbies, and we can do his schoolwork at the pace we want. Musandela was attending traditional school with an 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. schedule, but during the pandemic this schedule was disrupted. He was at home most of the time, and we had to find an alternative,” says Musandela’s mom.

Musandela playing the piano

The Online Elementary School Experience

Musandela says, “I have learned to be more independent, and I’m learning more about time management. I found ACT Aspire testing an interesting experience, as it was my first time doing this. I enjoy social studies because I like learning about different parts of the world and diverse cultures. I have a good relationship with Ms. Fussner. She’s nice, fun, and kind.

“My mom creates my schedule to fit my interests. In my spare time, I like coding, playing tennis, hover-boarding, roller-skating, swimming, playing piano, spending time with my family, and traveling locally and out of state.”

I love Arkansas Connections Academy because I’m becoming more of an independent learner.

— Musandela