Staci Budde

Middle School Assistant Principal

Staci Budde is the middle school assistant principal at Arizona Connections Academy. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in the areas of political science and philosophy. In 2009, she earned a master’s degree in elementary education from Arizona State University (ASU), and in 2016 she earned a master’s in educational leadership from ASU. Ms. Budde began teaching in 2007 and joined Arizona Connections Academy in 2011. She became the middle school assistant principal during the 2015–2016 school year. Below, she shares her story:

“I never thought that my life’s path would lead to education. During my first teaching assignment within Georgia, I knew that education was my passion. After moving to Arizona, I have taught in public schools, charter schools, and a private school. Every child can learn, and it’s my job, as an educator, to ensure that this happens.

What I value about Arizona Connections Academy is the ability to work in partnership with parents, students, teachers, and other individuals who make up the students’ support team. I advocate for students’ needs and use my knowledge in the field of education to impact change. I am a lifelong learner and find new ways to engage and support student learning in our setting."

"I truly enjoy working with all stakeholders to instill a passion for learning, growing, and finding one’s path in the area of education."

— Ms. Budde
Staci Budde

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