Socialization & Community

Meet the Laystrom Family

See how one Connections Academy family stays social while attending an online school.

Connecting Students

Wisconsin Connections Academy is all about making connections—not just to academics, but to other students and families. Because other students are part of the experience at WCA, your family becomes part of a dynamic learning community where students:

  • Interact with teachers and classmates in real-time, online classrooms.
  • Receive one-on-one support from caring teachers through telephone sessions and our after-hours tutoring program.
  • Interact with local students, as well as Connections Academy students across the country through our many exciting clubs and activities.
  • Meet classmates face-to-face at school-sponsored field trips and parties.

Creating Flexibility for Extracurricular Activities

In addition to social activities within the Connections Academy community, many of our students are busy with activities in their local communities. The flexibility of Connections Academy allows our students to take advantage of more extracurricular activities—often activities that the schedule of a traditional school would not accommodate.

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Supporting Parents and Learning Coaches

Throughout the school year, our secure message boards, WebMail, and phone lines are buzzing as Learning Coaches share at-home learning tips and resources, plan field trips, or just stay “in the loop” with school activities. As a vital part of the WCA community, our families connect with teachers, school counselors, and other parents both online and in-person through:

  • The Parent Educational Series where parents and Learning Coaches participate in various educational activities, like reading, writing and math workshops to help their students become more effective learners.
  • Secure Message Boards where parents can post questions, tips, and resources on helping students succeed.
  • Virtual Learning Connections, our school blog where families will find tips, information, and the latest news from other Connection Academy schools across the country.

Participating in the Broader Community

At WCA, we also want our students to understand that they’re a part of a broader community. With help from Learning Coaches, we arrange volunteer activities to encourage our students to connect with their communities. WCA volunteer projects include:

  • A book drive to donate books to local children's hospitals.
  • A sock drive to donate socks to homeless shelters.
  • Project Smile to collect and donate children's toothbrushes and toothpaste to assist with the dental health and hygiene needed at homeless shelters.
  • WCA partnered with Children’s Hospitals of Wisconsin to help turn frowns into smiles. Our BAND-AID drive provided medical personnel with one more way to ease the anxiety of a child with a chronic illness.