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Wisconsin Virtual High School Curriculum

We all know high school can be challenging academically and socially. So why are Wisconsin Connections Academy (WCA) students succeeding and thriving in our virtual high school curriculum?

The Key: Multi-faceted Curriculum and a Supportive School Community

Imagine a rigorous curriculum that leverages how, when, and where students learn best. Then integrate the most respected print and online resources, innovative instructional tools, and hands-on activities into a Wisconsin virtual high school curriculum that engages every type of learner. And top it all off by offering the gamut of high school experiences:

  • Core classes in math, science, language arts, and social studies.
  • Electives, including foreign languages, digital technology, and web design.
  • Field trips and interactive clubs, including robotics, debate, yearbook and more.
  • Honors and AP® Courses.
  • ACT Preparation Courses.
  • Support for students who need extra help.
  • College-credit classes.
  • NCAA approved courses: Many Connections Academy core high school courses are approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center. View a list of currently approved courses.

By combining rigor with flexibility, our virtual high school curriculum in Wisconsin makes success accessible to every student.

Just step into one of our biology classes . . .

In Monday’s live lesson session, experienced biology teacher Ms. Freeland leads a class discussion on Wisconsin's indigenous plant and animal life. Then, using the clues provided by Ms. Freeland and their Biology: The Dynamics of Life text, students classify local fauna and considers the impact of climate on the region's ecology. By Friday, students, their families and teacher will take their lessons on the road for a scheduled field trip to the zoo and observe firsthand the interplay of ecology on plant and animal life. Finally, on their own schedules, students are using Froguts, a virtual dissection tool, to better understand where biology, anatomy, and ecology converge.

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Beyond the Curriculum—Preparing Students for College or Career

Whether college-bound or career-oriented, we make sure that students in our Wisconsin online high school curriculum are ready for what lies beyond graduation by:

  • Providing access to qualified staff member to help with post graduation plans.
  • Helping students create four-year academic plans.
  • Guiding students as they consider college and career opportunities.