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Robbie Hendrix-Luker

Robbie with his family

Robbie Hendrix-Luker is an elementary student at Utah Connections Academy (UCA). His younger sister, Gretta, also attends UCA. At UCA, Robbie is becoming a more self-sufficient student with the help of his supportive teachers. His mom shares his story below.

“Because of UCA’s educational design and teachers, Robbie’s specific personality and needs are being met. We also enrolled Gretta, our daughter. My children are absolutely different. Each has unique gifts, talents, and strengths that are highlighted, which also creates support for more challenging areas. I am able to work at a quicker pace and supplement Robbie’s learning with extra experiences. At the same time, his teacher and I are able to support him as he works on his reading and his ability to focus on tasks.

My son loves science and math, so we are able to focus on these subjects and use them to keep him motivated. At the beginning of Robbie’s first grade year, I had concerns about his attention span and ability to focus, but Ms. Cornwall, his previous teacher, picked up on Robbie’s uniqueness. We worked together to put structure and support in place so that he could feel successful and slowly gain tools and skills to help him focus. While Robbie continues to use tools to help him focus, his progress is significant! Not only has his confidence grown, but he also now makes eye contact when speaking with others, clearly communicates his ideas, and is more motivated to be self-directed in his studies! Ms. Cornwall continues to meet once a week with Robbie. She has been able to communicate with his current teacher so that his needs and interests can continue to be met. I know how many parents are out there trying to find an educational program with teachers who are able to meet the unique needs and interests of their children.

Robbie and Gretta have swimming lessons once a week and attend acting classes at the Utah Children’s Theater. They have formed fun friendships in their classes. Robbie is passionate about dinosaurs and wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up. We are able to go to the museums when other children are in school, so they can explore the ins and outs of the museums. Robbie has made good friends with the head paleontologist at the Museum of Ancient Life—he is sending us to Wyoming in the spring to explore some very cool quarries.”

Because of UCA’s education design, and their teachers, Robbie’s specific personality and needs are being met.
— Robbie’s mom